Skytrip360 enables your passengers to journey to  any location in a completely new perspective.
Created for up to 6 participants, Skytrip360 lets the user interact with each other while experiencing your chosen voyage simultaneously.

Together we can raise your journey on another level. Skytrip let’s you define client and business relations in an entirely new way. Discover a new world of sales opportunities and boost your growth potentials.

Take a Skytrip

SkyTrip is a journey not a destination

Together we can raise your journey on another level.

City Tours and Sight Seeing
Get even closer than in a helicopter and explore unique insights from a whole new perspective.
Factory and Company Tour
Discover amazing new products from an amazing new perspective.
Nature Highlights
Discover even the smallest details in the greatest monuments.
Travel Agencies and Promotion
Destination marketing organisations expand their horizons to include new perspectives.  
Industrial Monuments
Discover tech innovations such as offshore windparks, yachts or urban mobility projects from a new perspective.
Stadium flight
Experience well-known attractions in a completely new light.
  • Via social media the concept raises awareness of the target group.

  • On site a promoter will explain the experience in advance and get all the details on a handraising app.

  • Ready to board? VR glasses will be dispensed. The audience enters and finds its favorite spot.

Custom Metaverse Content for Destination Marketing

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